Cordless Drill Batteries Nicad Vs Lithium Ion | Comparison


Need a battery for your cordless drill but can’t decide Nicad Vs Lithium ion batteries which one is best? Here we are with the solution to your problem.

In this article, we are going to give you a proper guide and comparison between nicad vs lithium ion batteries which make it easier for you to select the right one for your cordless drill.

With the right type of battery, your cordless drill is all set to perform efficiently and professionally and make you’re working a piece of cake for you.

So without wasting time let’s find what is the best battery type for a cordless drill? But before knowing which one is best let’s know a little bit about the Li-ion battery and  Ni-CD battery.

Lithium-Ion Battery.

A lithium-ion battery (also called a Li-ion battery) is a rechargeable type of battery. The first type of Li-ion battery was developed by Akira Yoshino in 1985, then many new and advanced technologies and researches improved its working efficiency.

Now the Li-ion battery is the most preferable choice of the electronical tools manufacturer companies.


Self Discharging Rate 1.5% to 2%
Cycle Stability 1200 cycles
Cell Voltage 3.6V to 3.85V
Range in Capacity 1.1Ah to 3.0Ah
Environmentally safe Yes

Nicad Battery.

Nickel-Cadmium battery (also called Ni-Cs battery or Nicad battery) is one of the rechargeable types of battery.

Nicad battery is a traditional old battery that uses nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium as electrodes. Nicad batteries are found in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

These batteries are good for lighter machines that are made for easy and casual purposes.


Self Discharging Rate 10%
Cycle Stability 2000 cycles
Cell Voltage 1.2V
Range in Capacity 1.3Ah to 3.0Ah
Environmentally safe No

To give you a proper difference between Lithium-ion battery and Nickel-Cadmium battery, we have created a proper comparison between them.

Nicad vs Lithium-ion batteries: (Longer Life review)

The best and minor thing in any kind of battery that attracts buyers is its lifespan. No matter how good a battery looks it is useless if it doesn’t have a longer life.

Lithium-Ion Battery.

Do Lithium-ion batteries last longer than Ni-CD? The answer is yes. Li-ion battery’s life cycle are much admirable and recommendable. They can be recharged much time and repeatedly recharging doesn’t affect their lifetime.

Li-ion batteries are perfect for new evolved cordless drills. Li-ion batteries lose their charge much slowly when they are not in use

Ni-Cd Battery.

Ni-Cd batteries are considered traditional batteries and have a long time battery but as technologies developed and new advanced features have been introduced in mechanical tools.

So we can say that Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries are not for new cordless drills. There is a need of replacing the batteries every one to two years which is quite irritating.

Ni-Cd vs Lithium-Ion batteries: ( Charging Time review)

Burning buying a battery for cordless drill people prefer those batteries whose charging time must be good. Because the charging time can affect the whole performance of cordless drill.

Lithium-Ion Battery.

The charging time of Li-ion batteries is much faster. These batteries took less time to charged and last it is charging for a long time.

Plus when the battery is fully charged, it automatically prevents itself from serious damages however a little tolerance appears because of overcharging.

Ni-Cd Battery.

Ni-Cd batteries have a good charging time but it is not as good as compared Li-ion batteries charging time. But Ni-Cd batteries can’t prevent their selves from the damages that can be caused by overcharging. This is one of the main reasons for Ni-Cd batteries’ shorter lifespan.

Ni-Cd vs Lithium-Ion Batteries: ( Power-Generating Capacity)

Everyone likes to enjoy their work with a Cordless drill that can generate constant power throughout the working time. If any battery is failed to generate a constant power then this much be disappointing.

Li-Ion Battery:

The biggest advantage of Li-ion battery that is all users favorite is that during working it generates a constant power from beginning till the end.

It never loses power even when the charge becomes low. These batteries can provide you full power till the charge end.

Ni-Cd Battery.

This is the worst part of Ni-CD Battery that it slowly loses its power during working when the charging becomes low.

 It doesn’t carry a constant power generating capacity which extremely annoys the users.

NI-Cd vs Lithium-Ion batteries: (Self-Discharge Rete)

One of the things that annoy the buyers is the battery’s self-discharging rate. No one likes to see less charge in their tools even they have fully charged them.

That’s why to avoid this irritation people considered batteries whose self-discharging rate are minimum.

Li-ion battery.

Because of modern technology that is included in Li-ion batteries the self-discharging rate is estimated to between 1.5 to 2 percent.

Now Li-ion batteries have become the first choice because of this stunning feature.

Ni-Cd Battery.

Ni-CD batteries gradually discharge their power when they are not in use. It can be ok but the rate of discharge is much higher that is more than 10 percent which is very disappointing.

In fact, because of this disadvantage, many countries have banned the use of Ni-CD batteries and have replaced them with li-ion batteries.

Ni-Cd vs Lithium-Ion batteries: (Price Review)

The price of any mechanical materials matters the most because the mechanical tools and their spare parts are mostly costly.

The consumer must have to watch his Budget during purchasing any kind of battery for his drilling tool.

Li-ion battery.

This is the only part where Li-ion batteries beat Ni-CD batteries because li-ion batteries are much expensive due to their stunning qualities and capabilities.

To purchase li-ion batteries you must have to prepare a healthy budget first. This is the only reason that’s users avoid buying li-ion batteries.

Ni-Cd Battery.

Ni-Cd batteries are much cheaper as compared to Li-ion batteries. Although Ni-CD batteries have some weak points they perform well during casual use and provide a satisfying result.

While to keep your cordless drill in better working condition you have to replace its Ni-CD battery earlier.


The above giving comparison makes it clear that in between li-ion vs Ni-Cd batteries which one is best and more preferable. Both types of batteries perform on a similar principle.

But because of some weakness nicad batteries failed to satisfy their users. But in the end, the final judgment is yours.

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