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Looking for a cordless drill having excess power, and other comforts that a best cordless drill should have then Atomic Dewalt DCD708C2 cordless drill will come in the list of best. It is small, lightweight and really powerful – these are the properties that a DIYer and professional wants to have in their drill. DeWalt shows what that can look like.

After the comparison test of the entry-level screwdrivers, this test was something of a freestyle. From the very first attempt, it was clear that DeWalt had developed a device that had it all.

Manufacturer & Its History

It is important to have knowledge about a product manufacturer because it does matter. A good brand and they provide power tool to the consumer without any faults for 90 years, then it is a really amazing signal for a buyer. 

This signal can cause the buyer to intent toward buying a professional brand product and that’s why in this guide, DeWalt DCD708C2 cordless drill is reviewing with its feature and some technical specification that most of the buyer looks for before buying a cordless drill. 

DEWALT has carved out a global reputation for designing, manufacturing and marketing particularly robust, world-class machines for the construction industry: quality, power, strength and reliability are found in every one of them. 

The DEWALT brand’s reputation for quality stems from the company’s commitment to providing the best products that satisfy the highest levels of persistence and end-user protection. Thus it quickly became a reference for all building professionals. 

Today, DEWALT offers its users a complete line of high-performance power tools and accessories: corded or cordless power tools, power tool accessories, vacuum accessories, storage devices for tools, and many more. Whether for metal, concrete, wood or other work DEWALT meets the highest standards. 

The PERFORM & PROTECT label, affixed to a large number of DEWALT machines, was developed to meet user expectations in terms of safety and protection. 

Features And Performance – DeWalt DCD708C2 Cordless Drill

There are people who want to buy a cordless drill on the basis of its performance and the features that this cordless drill offers. Therefore, below, you will get all the prominent features and drilling performances of the Dewalt dcd708c2 cordless drill. 


On the basis of research, we evaluated and rated ATOMIC’s performance in drilling a solid door with a 5″ hole saw, drilling dimension lumber with a 1″ drill and making a few holes in the sheet metal. 

steel with twist drills. It did very well on all three tasks and achieved one of the best marks in the group testing.

Using the paddle drill, he drilled a 2×12 quickly and without much difficulty. He was sometimes hooked up and propped up, but never failed to punch the hole. It also did a really good job drilling the 16mm sheet metal. We used a ¼ “and ½” twist drill, so the ATOMIC only takes 1.5 seconds with the ¼ “drill bit and 3-4 seconds with the ½” drill bit.


Consistent with drilling performance in terms of significance, our driving metrics are also responsible for rating each tool. To compare performance, we used the ATOMIC to drive a ½ “diameter, 5” long lag screw and standard wood screws. 

We used a pre-drilled hole of the appropriate size for the lag screw and marked it according to the force required by the ATOMIC to drive the screws into full depth. He did very well again and took the lead in the group.

The ATOMIC performed very well with typical wood screws, driving them extremely quickly and easily. It’s fast enough that it even took some getting used to not driving the screw head well below the surface of the wood. The clutch has 15 different torque settings to help you avoid this, too.


We compared the battery life of each product by alternately drilling three 1″ holes with the flat bit and driving 16 of the normal wood screws, and then assigning points based on the number of cycles completed. 

It has also measured how long it took a dead battery to recharge and how many batteries were included in the box, the Dewalt dcd708c2 cordless drill has continued its impressive performance and once again taken the lead.

The DCD708 ran through around 7.5 of our drilling/screwing cycles, which was significantly more than most tools. It contained a pair of 1.5-ampere-hour batteries that, in our tests, ran out completely in just over an hour.


First of all: there is not much to see. The whole machine looks delicate and the compact lithium-ion battery with 20V is almost tiny. It’s the little things that catch your eye: rubber pads on both sides of the housing prevent damage to sensitive surfaces. 

The extremely bright drilling location lighting with ring diodes and the pleasantly rubberized handle shaped like a pistol show how a professional device makes work easier. The one-hand chuck, the 15-stage torque limitation with the drilling stage and the two-speed gearshift are the most important ingredients. No, there is also a second battery and a quick charger for a charge in 40 minutes.


For the remaining tenth of the DCD708C2 overall rating, we have looked at all the small features and functions that make using this tool a little easier and simpler. Compared to the best products, it lacks a few features, so it is slightly above average score puts it about in the middle of the crowd.

This Dewalt cordless drill has a built-in belt clip and works light, which is good enough. Provides adequate lighting for your work area and stays on for approximately 20 seconds when the button is pressed.

Action Performance

In practical use, the DeWalt shows its true size. The little thing has a boom. The torque that can be achieved is incredibly high, as is the battery life. 

However, Compared to the entry-level devices, the DeWalt manages on average more than twice the number of screws with one battery charge. In spite of the good ergonomics, that goes into your arms. The precise electronic speed control allows precise approaches both when screwing and drilling.

Compact Design

Dewalt DCD708C2 cordless drill is one such compact drill that can use in even tight spaces. In the perspective of weight, it is very light and never make tired user when drilling. Often, it has been observed that people use to avoid such drill which is too weighty because it can spoil productivity.

Brushless Motor

Although this Dewalt motor drill contains another golden feature that you can never ignore when buying a cordless drill, it is a brushless motor. Dewalt dcd708c2 comprises a brushless motor that can increase run time and efficiency. As a result, you can work more with less charging. 

LED Light

Often, you might have to work at night time where illumination is not easy to reach and you don’t want to work there ad as result work productivity also losses. For this purpose, Dewalt DCD708C2 have an LED lights which illuminate the whole work area and you can easily drill hole at an accurate point without any difficulty.

  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Good battery life
  • No battery level indicator

Technical Specification DeWalt DCD708C2 Cordless Drill

Voltage18 V
Battery capacity2.0 Ah
Type of engineBrushless
No-load speed0-450 rpm – 0-1650 rpm
Max torque65 Nm
Drilling capacity Steel13 mm
Drilling capacity Wood30 mm
Chuck type13 mm
Number of positions16
Weight1.4 kg

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If you are looking for a powerful and lightweight cordless drill with a tool industry leader manufacturer on a cheap budget then Dewalt DCD708C2 would be no question choice, go for it without any fear.

My Take

The ATOMIC  DEWALT DCD708C2 cordless drill is excellent that ranks at the top of the group. This compact tool offers a lot of power in a much smaller form factor than the competition. The looks more like a 12-volt tool than a 20-volt model. 

Moreover, this tool performed very well in most of our drilling and driving tests, although it had difficulty operating the large drag screw. It has most of the usual practical functions and a battery that can handle most projects, although it is a little less powerful than some of the better tools.

With the brand new DCD 710 cordless drill/driver, DeWalt is launching a machine that clearly shows that development is always going on. For the price, it offers a lot of performance and thus also fun. Hats off.

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