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Woodworking projects are subject to creativity and expertise where variation plays a considerable role. If you need to join something, it’s not enough that your typical round hole will hold up.

If the only way for someone who doesn’t know how to drill square holes is by guessing at angles or using awkward tools. Then they run into problems before even beginning their project. For example, the project may demand a different shape like the square. Which is relatively more challenging than an outer one. 

Woodworkers need to increase their skills and add some creativity to become even better at what they do best: woodworking. Therefore, it’s a good idea to practice drilling before you start your project. 

If it doesn’t go well, or if there are any problems with the wood pieces becoming damaged in some other way. Because of poor technique on the part of either yourself or someone else who may be helping out during installation efforts; then not only will this result make finishing much more difficult for everyone involved but also costly repair work.

Did you know that a square hole is one of the most complained about problems in woodworking projects? Well, we’ve got some great solutions for creating this type of opening. 

In our article today on how-to drill a square hole in wood, you will learn it in detail. Beginners cover four different strategies up through experts at various skill levels and budgets.

Tools To Drill A Square Hole In Wood

Square Hole Punch

Square hole punch is a new product that drills square holes in wood without the hassle. This tool uses the principle of a mortise machine. But can be used easily with a cordless drill because it does not need electricity to operate as other power tools do.

Square hole punches are the best way to make a clean, decorative and accurate square cut in your material. They can be used on both wood pieces and metal fixtures that require this type of drilling. But beware: only drill up through 1/2 inch.


A chisel is the most basic and inexpensive tool in your arsenal that can be used to drill a square hole through any thin piece of wood. But, unfortunately, it requires an incredible amount of time, energy, or both for it to get done right. 

So this isn’t suitable for more significant projects. Where precision could come at great cost due to its lack thereof. But if you want something small-scale, then, by all means, go ahead.

Drill And Chisel

Consider getting one with chisels if you have a small project or are looking to up your power-drill game. It’s not for more extensive projects since they don’t work as well on thick woods. But if all that is needed is drilling through some thin wood and wanting more control over where the hole goes in, there’s no problem using these tools.

Drill And Saw

When the job seems too big for just your regular old cordless drill. You can use a circular saw and an even bigger one to finish that pesky square hole. For thick or thin wood sheets, this technique works great.

A cordless drill is easy to use, but it takes some experience with a saw. You can try practicing cutting along straight lines on scrap wood until you have your hand steady and then move onto more prominent pieces of material like boards or trees that need trimming down their entire length.

Square Drill Bit With Mortiser Machine

A mortising machine is the most professional way to drill a square hole in wood. It takes time and energy for amateurs, but professionals can get perfectly-squared holes without it using this specialized device. That features multiple drills combined simultaneously on one tool shaft.

A mortising machine is a tool used to cut the slots in wood. It can be purchased as either an accessory for your drill press or on its own. And it works by using different kinds of drills that create holes with shapes. Like squares or circles into which you would then insert pins from below after tightening down their mechanisms. 

So they stay securely attached at whatever angle desired while still holding tight tolerances between each other without any looseness whatsoever.

Although they are pretty expensive compared to other tools we have mentioned in this article, if you’re seriously taking up woodworking as a hobby or profession, investing in the mortise machine is worth it. 

Mortising machines use an auger drill bit enclosed within a square chisel, which works together beautifully with their unique design of cutting perfectly straight holes without any rounded edges at all.

Basic Principles To Drill A Square Hole In Wood

Woodworkers should note that whichever method they use to make their project square, the first step is creating round holes. The auger bit usually consists of an outer saw-like component joined with a chisel tip. 

While it creates broad, shallow cuts like those on an excavator’s bucket arm (or mortising machine), these blunt tools are not well suited for more precise work like shaping Nicholson brackets or box joints where you want dead straight edges.

This combination does provide one efficient option, though: combining both using different bits will allow more accessible control over depth/routed widths by varying how much pressure each type puts out against your material at any given moment.

To create a square hole using standard high-speed steel drills, you need to choose circular bits. When deciding which type or size of the drill bit is required for your project, they must have enough depth. 

So not only are there no rough edges left behind when finishing offcuts and because anything round can be easily turned into an extraction point if necessary.

Safety Precautions While Drilling A Square Hole In Wood

To drill a square hole in wood without hurting yourself, follow these safety precautions: 

  • Wear a pair of safety goggles if you’re going near the blade.
  • Ensure your workroom is well ventilated, or take it outdoors for some fresh air (although this isn’t always possible). 
  • Follow all instructions given by the manufacturer on how best to use these machines as they will differ per type.
  • Also, wear protective gloves when handling sharp objects like knives – don’t forget those closed shoes.
  • And most importantly: check that both cutting edges are very sharp before tackling any projects.

Method # 1: Drill A Square Hole In Wood With Circular Drill Bits

Step 1: Before starting the process, ensure you have an organized workspace with no wood chips or other debris insight. The reason is that when drilling creates lots of these small bits and pieces, they can get stuck under your nails, which increases the risk for accidents during work time.

Step 2: Place the wooden piece in a vice on the mechanical workplace. Fasten it as firmly and evenly across its entire surface area since even if you loosen your grip, an unaligned hole will still be made when drilled by following later steps.

Step 3: Now, remove the piece of wood from your vice and make a straight edge mark using a ruler. Ensure that you meet up with the circle’s perimeter at 90 degrees, then use this line to guide in cutting along both sides when sawing out slots for buttons or hinges on opposite sides.

Step 4: Using a three-edged file is the best way to sand and shape corners. It will give you more leverage than just using one or two edges, which makes it easier on your hands when working with small pieces in tight spaces like between studs where nails usually go through them from below, so there’s not much room for error.

Method # 2: Use Jigsaw Blade To Drill A Square Hole In Wood

Step 1: If you’re looking for a quick and easy project, this is the one! All you will need are some materials from around your house. For example, marking out dimensions on an old wooden board can be done in minutes with just a pencil or marker pen.

Step 2: Make a small hole in each corner of the square mark to make cutting with your jigsaw easier. Use an appropriate drill bit: A diamond-coated one will not work here.

Step 3: To make a square hole for your crate, cut it out in the shape of an X. The jigsaw will help you do this easily by following marked lines on either side to create an incision with sharp edges all around, so there are no rough spots when cutting through wood later on down the line.

Step 4: To keep your work surface smooth, remove all the wood flake debris with sandstone. Subsequent use concave or convex-angled-headed tools to remove any remaining pieces that didn’t get picked up before by hand and finish off with fine-grit paper for an extra shine.

Method # 3: Drill A Square Hole In Wood With Mortise Chisel, Auger, And Drill Press

Step 1: The first step of drilling a square hole in wood is to assemble the auger and mortise chisel.

Step 2: Place the wooden board inside your vice and press down as far as you can to secure it. Place this piece on top of an emery cloth or sandpaper to avoid scratching surfaces while drilling bits in your machine.

Step 3: To create a square hole on the wooden piece, use an appropriately sized pencil or marker. It’s not very effective when trying to make holes in different sizes, like for things that don’t have much give, such as picture frames and shelves with books on them.

Step 4: Create an adequate punch hole before applying full speed. Creating this small space is to help with traction and friction; it also helps produce more accurate square-shaped holes that are free from debris or particles.

Carefully pull down on the crank while making sure not too much pressure comes out as you’re trying for a perfect shape.

Method # 4: Cut A Square Hole In Wood With Router

Step 1: Make sure your template is as precise and accurate on the router table as possible for a better cutting result. Use practice templates made with different bit sizes orbits with guide rings to aid precision when routing intricate designs.

Step 2: Create a square dimension by drawing four lines on the wooden template with an erasable marker.

Step 3: Now, drill a pilot hole on one corner of the dimension that will act as a starting point to cut. Following this, place your router fence next in line with where you want it when completing the shape, and make sure not only does it match up but also matches perfectly along all four sides by lining everything up before cutting away at its outline.

Step 4: To make a square hole, use the router to cut on the line and pause. Change your cutting path for each line until you’ve made four passes through all of them or missed one (forgot). If this happens, keep going back around in circles with no breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the drill bit that drills a square hole?

A: A mortise is a type of hole that’s used to install or fix things into place. Mortising machines are special equipment, typically found in the workshop with drill presses and chisels for cutting pieces like drawers from an oak frame (mouton). You use them by turning over different parts until they match up perfectly with your desired dimensions; this lets you make all sorts of new holes without too much trouble.

Q: What is a square drill exercise?

A: Imagine a small square on the ground, and you are standing in it as fast as possible. Then jump out of that space-time continuum with both feet onto opposite sides to continue moving around this imaginary perimeter while working on completing your task at hand or whatever else needs doing.

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