How To Remove A Chuck From A Drill Press – Quick


How to remove a chunk from a drill press? This is the most common question whose answer every serious woodworker wants to know. Well, most people thought that removing a chunk from a drill press is as same as removing the chunk of a regular drill or driver.

But it’s not what you think. Remove a chuck from a drill press follows a kinda different step as compared to removing a normal drill or driver chucks. 

To keep your drill press in excellent working condition you must have to replace its chucks after some time. To accomplish this work accurately you must know how to remove a chuck from a drill.

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To solve the enigma of how to remove a chuck from a drill press you have to read this article till the rest. Because in this article we are going to tell you how you can remove a chuck from a drill in easy steps. 

So let’s end your query and start the process to remove a chuck from a drill press. But very first have a look at what tool you needed to remove chuck from the old drill press.


There are many effective methods of removing a chuck from a drill. And to perform these methods you have to use different tools. But from all of these tools, two chuck removing tools are most popular and recommended. 


The drill chuck removal tool (usually known as Chuck removal tool). This is an especially tool for removing a chuck from a drill press in the easiest way. 

This chuck removal tool has a special shape. Because of which it can be easily fit on the spindle window of the drill press.


The drill chuck removal wedges are used to remove the Taper mounts chucks of the drill press. Its tapered steel blades work to disassemble chucks from arbors and spindles. 


Remove a chuck from a drill press is not rocket science. Anyone can do this without taking the help of a professional. However, seeking some guidance can give you a faster and better result. 

You just have to follow the exact steps to remove a chuck from a drill press without damaging your drill press. So let’s get started.

STEP 1: Firstly you have to examine which type of chuck your drill press is. There are two types of chucks i.e. Keyed chucks and keyless chucks. Both types of chucks carry different removal methods. That’s why figuring out the type of your drill press chuck is quite essential.

STEP 2: Now you have to pull down the quill and chuck of the drill press. Pull the quill to its limits. After that, turn the knob of the quill. By doing this, the quill and chuck keep in a lower position.

STEP 3: After doing that, tap the end of the removal key that is attached to the vertical slot. In most drill presses the vertical slot is usually located within the shaft of the quill. Almost after 1 or 2 taps, the chuck will easily bounce out the spindle. 

STEP 4: Okay so if your drill press doesn’t have a vertical slot or removal key. Don’t panic, because there is another way to do that. Raise the quill to the height of about 1/2 inch from the drilling house. To prevent the quill from falling, secure it with a lock. 

STEP 5: Now open-end wrench into the quill spindle that is right above the chuck collar. Push up the wrench until the chuck falls out of the quill spindle.

STEP 6: Here you have removed a chuck from a drill press. Make sure to clean the chuck and the shaft with a microfiber dry cloth. Also, clean the bottom of the quill spindle. 

So what do you think? Is it difficult to do? I know it’s really easy. The only thing you have to do is to follow each step with full concentration and don’t try to apply extreme force because it can hurt you. And also can damage your drill press’s sensitive parts. 


The size of the drill chuck keys matters. It affects the workability of your drill press. That’s why always choose the right size of chuck key to get an effective outcome. 

To get the right size of drill press chuck key you need to do the following steps. So that’s how you can easily know what size of chuck you need. 

  • Note down the engraved numbers that are marked on the already attached chuck key of the drill press. It should be like that  1/4, 3/8, ½.
  • Now take a ruler and measure the diameter from the widest point of the chuck.
  • I went to the hardware store and found the chuck key having the exact engraved number and diameter.  

Make sure that you mark all the dimensions correctly to get the right size of a chuck key. Otherwise, you will buy an unfit chuck that can affect the workability of your drill press.


A drill chuck is just like a three-jawed clamp that is securely tightened around the shank of a drill bit

The woodworkers and craftsmen used chuck keys in their drill press to hold a drill or other cutting instruments like wood, plastic, or iron on a spindle. 

The three jaws of the chuck can hold the objects or any tool firmly. So the craftsman can perform his work skillfully. 


There are numerous types of chuck keys that can be used in a drill press. But the most common and recommendable chuck keys are Keyed chuck, keyless chuck, and hybrid chuck. 

KEYED DRILL PRESS CHUCK: With the help of keyed chuck you can easily loosen or tighten an object that is held by a drill press. It’s extremely easy to tighten a keyed chuck into a drill press.

Keyed chuck is the most recommendable chuck. Because it provides more accurate results and fits with many models that are smaller than 0006 inches.

KEYLESS DRILL PRESS CHUCK: A keyless chuck’s purpose is the same as keyed chuck. But a keyless chuck tightens or loosens any tool more quickly than a keyed chuck.  

In keyless chuck, you don’t need any specific key during replacing the drill bit. Many experts craftsmen preferred keyless chuck because it’s more convenient to use as compared to keyed chuck. 

HYBRID DRILL PRESS CHUCK: The hybrid chuck has both keyed and keyless mechanisms. On the keyless side, you don’t have to tighten the tool because it does this automatically. 

But in a keyed chuck you have to adjust the tool on the chuck to get a perfect grip and torque support over the tool. 


Q: How do I choose a drill chuck key?

A: Choosing the right size and type of drill chuck key is not as difficult as you think. The only thing you have to do is measure the right size of the chuck key’s diameter. Also, note its engraved number which also helps you to get the right chuck key.

Q: Are drill chuck keys universal?

A: Yes, you can easily get many brands of universal chuck keys. A universal key allows you several different ways to attach to the drill. You can use a universal chuck key for various sizes of a drill chuck. Which not only saves your time but also saves your money.

Q: What can I use in place of a chuck key?

A: If you don’t find any chuck key then no worry. Because you can also use a screwdriver or hex wrench in place of a chuck key. You just only have to stick any of them into the chuck keyhole. Now it can act as a fulcrum and by using a normal screwdriver you can easily loosen or tighten the chuck.

Q: Why does my drill stop spinning?

A: If your drill stops spinning. It means that it’s time to replace the chucks. Because if the chuck becomes damaged internally. Then it can’t grip the drill bits tightly. Because of which the bits began to spin themselves. If you find that issue you should have to replace the chuck as soon as possible to avoid any serious failure or damage. 


At the end of this article, I must say that to keep your drill press in an excellent working condition. You must take good care of its essential parts. Examine every minor or major issue that happens in your drill press. That’s how you can take prompt action before it’s too late. 

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