Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill | Comparison + Products Details


Ryobi and dewalt are the most reputed brands that are offering their power tools that tremendously have amazing features. All the features of these two brands’ power tools grabs the attention of the buyers. But do you know Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill also have some differences.

Wondering? But yes it’s true, and to clear all the differences in between Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill, in this article we give you a proper guide through comparison table and by comparing their features categories.

So lets start to know about which brand of cordless drill is best?

Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill | Comparison Table

Before discussing Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill features. Take a look on a comparison table that can easily show you the difference between all the two brands of drills.

Here we begin our comparison in between Ryobi Vs dewalt Cordless drill with this short intro of Ryobi and Dewalt.


The Ryobi is a Japanese power tools manufacturer that is known for providing pro quality of tools at affordable prices. Ryobi power tools have now become a first choice of house owners and unprofessional people because of its easy and simple features that can be operated by unprofessional people.

So Ryobi makes its power tools specially for household uses that a common man easily uses and fix their home’s manufacturing issues by themselves.

It offers a limited range of power tools. But still its product’s list is not too short. You can find Ryobi’s saws, inflators, garage door openers and many more easily in the market.

Ryobi cordless drill parts that come with it.

A double-ended bit
A charger
A 12 Volts lithium-ion battery
Belt clip
Built in LED light


The Dewalt is an American power tools and hand tools manufacturer whose offering its high quality tools worldwide for construction and industrial works. Dewalt best quality is that the professional just like plumber, Electricians and carpenters preferred dewalt power tools because of its premium quality.

Basically Dewalt power tools are basically made for professionals that’s why they carry a little bit strong features that a common man can’t easily understand. 

Dewalt provides its users a wide range of drills, accessories and anything that a professional constructor and manufacturer wants just like saws, nailers, hammer drills, grinders, staplers and many more.

A drill case
A fast charger
Two 12 volts lithium-ion batteries
Belt Clip
Mounted LED light

Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless drill | (Features Comparison)

From the below giving features comparison of Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill. There are minor differences that lead one than the other.

Rotation Per Minute (RPMs).

The normal range of RPMs that usually the need of any kind of work is from 300 to 1500 RPMs.


The Ryobi 12V cordless drill can generate 0 to 600 of RPMs speed. This range of speed is almost good for any kind of household projects. But when it’s about professional projects it can’t be a little low according to the work’s requirement.

A Ryobi 12v Cordless drill’s lower speed prevents screws from stripping but it would be little difficult to drill on hard surface material because of its limited speed.

Ryobi HJP004L 3/8″ 12 Volt Drill / Driver Kit

Attractive Feature

Enough RPMs

This Ryobi HJP004L 12 volt drill/driver is able to provide you the maximum torque speed for drilling holes and driving screws more conveniently. Ryobi HJP004L is considered as the best RPMs generator among all 12 volts Ryobi cordless drills. This is the most attractive and distant feature of Ryobi HJP004L drill/driver that attracts the buyers to purchase it.

Additional Features.

  • Its ⅜ inch heavy duty keyless chuck allows you to install or remove the bits easily.
  • With its 12 volts of lithium-ion battery you can work for a longer time without any break.
  • Its compact and lighter weight made it the perfect drill for tight spaces.


Dewalt 12v cordless drill offers you higher control and more speed as compared to ryobi 12v cordless drill. It has 2-speed mode (lower and faster). The lower speed is from 0 to 400 RPMS while the faster speed is from 0 to 1500 RPMs.

Means you can easily adjust the speed level according to your work requirement. It allows you to drill holes no matter how hard the surface is or a lower speed option helps you to save your screws from stripping.

If you have a question, is Dewalt better then Ryobi? Then here is your answer.

DEWALT 12V MAX Drill Combo, 4-Tool (DCK413S2)

Attractive Feature

2-Setting Mode

If you are looking for a tool that makes your construction work highly admirable then this dewalt drill is the best option. It can provide you the best RPMs speed from 400 to 1500 pounds of torque. It’s not only good because of its variable RPMs but it also offers you 2-setting speed mode. Means you can easily set the RPMs low or high just according to your need.

Additional Features

  • Its 3 LED light provides great visibility to work more conveniently in dark spaces.
  • Its 12 volts lithium-ion batteries provide enough energy during working.
  • This drill kit is highly versatile. Means you can perform infinite tasks with this great drill.

2. Clutch Control And Torque

It’s very essential to look upon the clutch quality and controlling in any drill. Because this is the main thing that controls the rate of torque in any drill. The higher the number you set the higher torque you will get.


Ryobi cordless drill gives you more control over the torque speed with a 22 position clutch. Means with ryobi cordless drill you can get both higher and lower levels of torque and adjust it according to your need with its 22 position clutch.

So when you need more power to drill you can set a higher limit and if you want to do frangible jobs set the torque in lower limit.

Ryobi P252 18V Drill Driver

Attractive Feature

Adjustable clutch

The Ryobi P252 cordless drill offers you more than 22-clutch position setting. 

Means with Ryobi P252 drill you can choose and set the desired and required clutch setting. It gives you full control over the drill torque to accomplish the work with accuracy.

Additional Features

  • It has an onboard magnetic tray attached at the base of the drill. So you can easily store the fasteners and bits.
  • It also comes with a side belt that frees your hands while you are working on something else.
  • With a rubber coated pistol handle you can feel a strong grip while working.


Dewalt offers you a 15 position clutch setting. That is enough to perform any kind of task no matter if it’s tough or easy. But its clutch setting position is less than Ryobi. A Dewalt cordless drill gives you an exact depth that is suitable for drilling in wood, steel or any other material.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver with 3 Speeds – Bare Tool (DCD991B)

Attractive Feature

Variable Clutch setting

The dewalt 20V XR Brushless drill/Driver offers you 15 clutch position settings. So you can adjust the speed of the torque with the help of clutch setting and work on any material according to the requirement. 

Additional Features

  • Because of its 2000 RPMs speed this drill becomes an all-metal transmission tool. Means it can perform on all types of metal wonderfully.
  • Its 3 mode LED light provides 20x brighter visibility than any other drill.
  • XR li-ion batteries come with fuel gauge that increase the performance of the drill 33% time.

3.Warranty Duration

Anything that attracts the buyers in power tools is its warranty and services, that are given by the brand/company.


The any ryobi cordless drill has three-years of warranty. Means if you get any issue or damage in between 3 years after its buying, then you can replace it easily for the company. 

Ryobi P239 18V Lithium Ion Impact Driver (Power Tool Only)

Attractive feature

Onboard Magnetic tray

The Ryobi P239 impact Driver has an attached onboard magnetic tray. So now you don’t have to worry about your bits and fasteners to be missed. Because with this onboard magnetic tray you can keep your all bits and fasteners near to you safely.

Additional Features

  • Can generate up to 2000 pounds of torque to make driving more convenient.
  • Its attached belt clip helps you to hold the tools and accessories near to you without engaging your hands.


Dewalt offers its customers better and reliable service. It offers its all cordless drill three years warranty. But things do not end here, it gives one year of free service to its buyers plus 90 day money back guarantee. So you can purchase any dewalt cordless drill freely without any fear of rotten money. 

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver, Compact – Bare Tool (DCD791B)

Attractive feature

Brushless Motor

The Dewalt 20 V XR drill/driver is equipped with a brushless motor inside. The brushless motor incredibly reduces the amount of friction. Because of less friction the drill can work more efficiently without any hessle and fear of damage.

Additional Features

  • The dewalt DCD791B carries only 3.4 lb. of weight. Means you can easily take this drill anywhere and works more conveniently.
  • Its ergonomically comfortable handle provides a strong grip while working.
  • Generates 2000 RPMs. so you can drill a hole on any material and drive the screws easily.

Bottom Line

After the vast and clear comparison in between Ryobi Vs Dewalt Cordless drill. We are quite sure that now you can select the best one for you according to your need. 

Weather there is no competition in between Ryobi Vs dewalt Cordless drill. Because they are made for some specific tasks and done their jobs perfectly. However there are minor differences mentioned above.

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