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Having a query on how much torque needed for cordless drill to make your work more effective and admirable? 

Congratulation! You have hit the right article. Because  this article will let you know about the exact torque needed for cordless drill. In addition, in this article we will tell you how to set and change the torque setting according to your work needs.

Having confusion ? What torque setting should I use on my drill? Relax! This article will tell you in depth how you can find which torque setting is best for your home or professional tasks. Plus it will also tell you which torque setting you should have to use while performing various tasks.

Using a right cordless drill with right and suitable features and functions makes working more easier and fun. For a perfect drilling and driving experience you must have a right torque generating power tool.

So here we start our guidance about how much torque needed for cordless drill. But before beginning the exact topic let’s understand some general things. Which are mandatory to keep in mind.

What’s Torque

Torque in any power tool is the force of rotatory motor that provides enough power to the drill/driver to perform its tasks.

The rate of torque measured in Newton Metres (Nm). The rate of torque is directly proportional to the twisting force of any drill or impact driver. Means the greater the torque the more force you will get.

Rates Of Torque Needed For Cordless Drill (According To Material Type)

There is no doubt that torque is one of the most essential aspects in any cordless drill. But the rate of torque is not constant. It can be set high or low, all depends upon the work’s requirement. 

When you buy a cordless drill or set your power tool’s torque level. You must have to see first how much torque your drill can afford and at which rate of torque it can work perfectly. 

How much torque needed  for a cordless drill is also depends on which type of material you will work. Different materials need different rates of torque according to their hardness. 

Just like, if you will work on wood, masonry, plastic or steel then the rate of torque needed for cordless drill is quite less as compared to working on concrete or iron. Definitely these kinds of hard materials need higher level of torque for a cordless drill. 

Torque Needed For Cordless Drill (According To Drilling/Driving Purpose)

For Smaller Drilling/Driving Purposes

For lighter and smaller screws driving and drilling holes purposes a cordless drill/driver approximately needs 4 to 15Nm of torque. 

Because these tools are used for lighter purposes and simple DIY home tasks. That’s why they don’t need higher torque. With 4 to 15Nm of torque the cordless drill/driver can easily provide you the desired result that you are accepting.

For Medium Drilling/Driving Purposes

The torque needed for cordless drill, who are made for driving/drilling medium size of screws and holes and basically made for simple or a little bit professional tasks. For them 15 to 35Nm of torque is enough.

With this rate of torque these drills can perform their tasks more effectively and makes drilling holes and driving screws more convenient. 

With 15 to 35Nm of torque you can accomplish any medium size of drilling and driving tasks.

For Heavy Drilling/Driving Purposes

If we talk about accomplishing heavy duty tasks and bigger screws driving and holes drilling. For them 35Nm and more than 35Nm of torque needed for a cordless drill.

With 35Nm of torque, the drill can tackle more heavier and serious projects with great consistency.

Torque Setting

If you have a higher torque cordless drill, and want to perform a lighter and simple drilling task, so don’t need to be panic. Modern technology has become more and more advanced with the passing of time. 

Now almost all power tools come with variable torque setting options. Through these torque setting options you can easily change or reset the torque level according to your work’s requirement.

How To Adjust Drill Torque Setting nm

The torque needed for cordless drill can be adjusted by performing some simple steps. These steps are mentioned below.

Step 1:Place Adjustment Ring’s Arrow Straight To The drill/driver top of the body. (Adjustment ring located behind the chuck collar).

Step 2: Rotate the torque ring to set the torque speed according to the work requirement. 

That’s how you can simply adjust and reset the torque needed for cordless drill according to the work requirement. You just have to follow these simple steps and set the adjustment ring correctly with the right speed mode to enable your power tool for working more effectively.

What Do The Torque Numbers On A Drill Mean? 

You see a number consisting of a ring on the top of the drill. These numbers play an important role in setting torque. Wondering How? Let’s check it out.

For smaller applications: Set the torque ring in between 1 to 4 and set the speed in the highest mode.

For working on wood: Set the adjustment ring from 5 to 8.

While working on semi-soft or semi-hard material: Set the torque speed 9 through 12. Place the two-speed setting to the low mode.

For drilling/driving on hard material: Rotate the torque ring from 13 to 16. This torque speed is perfect for drilling and driving long screws and holes.

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Bottom Line

In the end of this article, we are quite sure that now you are fully aware of how much torque needed for cordless drill to enhance your drill’s workability and capability. This is the torque which makes any drill able to work with more and more accuracy and gives a professional outlook.

So be careful and quite concerned when you set the torque ring. Because this is the thing that can change the whole game.

To gain more knowledge related to cordless drills, their accessories and how to take care of it. Visit some other articles.


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