Worx WX176L Switchdriver Review | 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver


The cordless drill from Worx shows its strengths in tasks where you often have to switch between two tasks. Worx WX176L Switchdriver is ideal if, for example, you want to pre-drill terrace boards and then screw them together. 

The device is part of the PowerShare family from Worx and can be operated with all 20-volt batteries in this series. The tool holder consists of a quarter-inch hexagon socket. Accordingly, you can work with all commercially available bits and with drills with a hexagonal shaft.

With a product weight of around 2.9 pounds, Worx WX176L Switchdriver is not too heavy. The integrated LED light ensures good visibility. The reduction in body strain during work is achieved by means of soft-grip inserts in the handle. To avoid injuries, the grip area is provided with a protective bar.

So with the regular desire to drill and screw this or that object, it is important that the action of drilling and screwing should be easy. In this wake, everyone must have fair equipment and the Worx WX176L Switchdriver is presented as such.

In terms of performance, the Worx switch driver kit may not be in the same class as a half-inch drill. That said, it should be powerful enough to do various things around the house. If you need to do repetitive drilling and screwing tasks, then the 2-in-1 tool is worth considering. Therefore, the Worx switchdriver review will be given at Housener with the evaluation of its features, price, ratings, and buyer review on Amazon.

Worx WX176L Switchdriver Showcase

What Is Worx WX176L Switchdriver?

As soon as it is done, press the button for rotation and drill the screw you have placed beforehand. It is an easy, fast and efficient way to make our DIY experience as pleasant as it can be.

At the same time, the Worx Switchdriver reviews show that the tool has some disadvantages, and the price is the basic one.

Why Choose This Product? – Features Evaluation

Power, torque, battery life – there are a few criteria that we placed value on in the test comparison of the best Worx switchdriver. From the test winner to the price-performance hero, we present a cordless Worx switchdriver in a value to the money budget.

Batteries Compatible With Other 20V “Worx” Devices

It doesn’t matter whether it is a cordless screwdriver or a “v Worx” blower. The battery can be associated with each Worx power share mechanism. So it’s clear to everyone, indeed why buy batteries when you can simply use those you already have? It would just be a hassle. 

These batteries are real simplifiers of life in the sense that if one uses for example a drill-driver v Worx 20v to make holes and that during execution the battery runs out, one can use the battery of a v Worx blower if it is charged to save time. However, No need to waste time charging the battery of the drill when you can use the blower; this option relieves the user of the constraints of patience a few times.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is the part by which you hold your drill to work. It is therefore important that its grip is comfortable, to allow you to work in good conditions. A good handle allows you to hold your device well and thus be able to work for hours. 

The Worx 20v switchdriver provide the user with an easy-to-use handle. Its design is well suited to use and that is why its design, as we know is ergonomic, thus allows the user a better grip. Its design is unique for comfortable use during work even for the most difficult tasks in order to always give a better performance, to do an impeccable job.

Storage Bag

Life becomes easier when everything is arranged in a given order and in a very specific place, it allows a man to always have his bearings even when his mind is not in order. The manufacturer of the Worx 20v switchdriver, therefore, intends to simplify the user’s life by providing the product with a tool storage bag. 

Moreover, its accessories can be hung or suspended from a point or any similar object fixed in the product. Because it can easily be relocated when it is not stored, the Worx 20v switchdrill-driver can get lost; this is the reason why a storage tool such as a bag seems wise and beneficial once again.

Equipped With An LED Lamp

It is clear that there are places in our rooms that are less ventilated than others due to the poor location of their openings. To overcome this lighting problem, which very often forces users of conventional drills or screwdrivers to force visual acuity or adopt inappropriate positions when working in dark places. Therefore, Worx 20v drill-screwdrivers are equipped with LED lamps to provide users with better visibility while working with them at any time of the day, even in the darkest corners. 

These are light-emitting diodes or junction semiconductor diodes that emit coloured light when an electric current passes through them.

Adaptation To All Surfaces

When we want to make holes in our walls and in our house floors to fix objects or devices, we always ask ourselves “can such and such a drill and/or screwdriver manage to perforate them?” This is a perfectly legitimate question because the rigidity of walls and floors differs from one another depending on the nature of what they are made of. The Worx 20v switch drill-driver is suitable for all types of floors or walls; whether they are made from stones, wood, bricks, concrete blocks or concrete; it is thus a machine tool capable of meeting this type of challenge with flying colours.

Good Manufacturer’s Warranty

When we generally invest a small fortune to afford an electronic or mechanical device, we would like to be sure that it is of good quality by its performance, but also and especially by its originality, by its robustness, due to its durability. 

The best way, which is quite laudable and credible, to reassure customers about the originality and durability of a device is to grant it a long warranty period, during which the responsibility of the manufacturer or supplier is effective in the event of inconvenience related to the device. 

In this case of the Worx 20v drill-driver, the manufacturer has granted two years of warranty. 

Variable Gearbox

With Worx wx176l, you will be beneficiary with it Variable 2-speed gearbox that masters all common drilling and screwing jobs

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  • Two-speed gear control
  • Powerful Lithium-ion batteries for greater run time
  • LED battery indicator
  • 1500 RPM, a decent value for household
  • Affordable to buy
  • Long Warranty of 3-years
  • It takes between 3 and 5 hours to recharge the battery
  • A fairly high price
  • Low percussion

Worx WX176L Switchdriver Price

If you are looking for a powerful and lightweight cordless switchdriver with a power tool industry leader manufacturer at a cheap budget, then Worx WX176L Switchdriver would be no argument choice.

Technical Specification Worx WX176L Switchdriver

Voltage20 Volts
Battery capacity1.5 Ah
Type of engineBrushed
No-load speed1500 RPM
Max torque265 Inch Pounds
Batteries1 Lithium-ion battery
Chuck typekeyless
Weight2.9 pounds

Buying Guide For Cordless Switchdriver- These Criteria Are Important


The power is given in volts. The higher the value, the more powerful the cordless screwdriver.


the higher the torque, the more power the cordless screwdriver has with which to turn a screw into the ground. This can be recognized by the typical noise when the screw jams and the screwdriver then “rattles“. A cordless screwdriver with more torque can then move the screw further, while the one with fewer torque locks.

Battery Capacity 

The stronger the battery, i.e. the higher the number of ampere-hours (Ah), the longer you can work with the battery in one go. Conversely, this means: For short work, batteries with a low Ah rating in the range of 1 to 2 Ah are sufficient. If, on the other hand, the screwdriver is to be used for a long period of time, the batteries should be 3 to 4 Ah. The battery then has to be changed much less frequently. In addition, short charging times should be ensured so that the empty battery is full in the time in which the second battery is empty while working.

Impact Mechanism

Cordless screwdrivers with an impact function can – like a hammer drill – drive the drill into the ground with imperceptible, striking movements.


In most cases, the weight of a cordless screwdriver goes hand in hand with its performance. A lot of power means a heavy device than with less power. In the case of frequent overhead work, a light 20V cordless switch driver is recommended instead of a heavy 18V screwdriver, with single functionality.

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My Take On Worx WX176L Switchdriver

When it comes to a power source, the WORX WX176L is driven by a Lithium-Ion 20 volts battery. The nominal voltage is 18 volts. The 20-volt max 1.5Ah lithium battery for this tool. 

In case your tool does not come with any battery. The charger, WORX WA3732, won’t cost you too much.

The majority of the reviewers on Amazon have rated the 2-in-1 tool at least 5/5 stars. Like any other drill driver, this one is not completely flawless. A number of complaints have been levelled at this product.

As mentioned before, it only accepts quarter-inch drill bits. Complaints have also been made about the charge time. With the WORX WA3732, it takes 3-5 hours to recharge the battery. Finally, there are some negative comments about the torque output. If you intend to use this tool for serious construction work, then consider investing in a more heavy-duty model.

Despite having a few downsides, it seems to have satisfied many of those who purchased it. The two-headed drill comes with a compact and comfortable design. The locations for the forward/reverse rotation control and the low/high-speed switch are no different than most other models. Changing bits is simple with toolless quick-change chucks. Swapping driver heads is easy and quick.

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